Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sharing this super news update from AppsEvents!  

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Happy Holidays

On behalf of all the AppsEvents team, we want to thank all the amazing Educators we have had a chance to meet with and share in 2015. We hope you all have an amazing holiday break wherever you are in the world.

AppsEvents Featured in Google Education Newsletter

Our article about the effect of Global Google for Education Summits by AppsEvents Director, Dan Taylor, was published on the latest issue of the Google for Education Community Newsletter. Read a copy online through this link.

Call for Event Hosts 2016

We have a great variety of events already scheduled for 2016 but are always looking to host Summits, Academies and Cloud Camps in more regions of the world.  Don't see an event near you? Consider hosting one. Now is the perfect time to get in touch with us. It is a great opportunity to get a wide arrange of topics covered and learn from a 'global perspective.' This is an amazing way to get focused Google PD for your staff and also to build the profile of you and your school in Google EDU and EdTech circles.
The process is quick and simple: You just fill out our form and we’ll email you a full info sheet of information about the different types of events and how the whole process works. If you are interested we then schedule a quick ‘Hangout’ to go over things in more detail.
In addition to the core summits, we offer custom professional development with our amazing core team of trainers located in the US, Europe and Asia.

Admin Corner

The holidays are a great time to catch up on some learning, and our ‘AppsEvents Certified Admin (ACA)’ course is an amazing introduction to administration that you can take online in your own time over the holidays. Most course takers are educators looking to get more involved with admin and the course is fun and manageable for complete beginners.
You can register here and please use the coupon Holidays2015 for a 40% discount. OurFAQ doc should answer any questions you have.

Certification Update

AppsEvents hosted a series of PreCertification BootCamps in Europe, Asia and North America in 2015.  If you attended a Bootcamp prior to July 1, 2015, please note that the Educator, Trainer and Innovator (prior 'Teacher') Certifications have changed dramatically in regards to training and assessment.

If you are looking to pursue one of the new certifications, keep in mind that most of our Summits feature a standalone one day ‘PreCertification BootCamp.’ We have several scheduled for 2016 already and this is brand new since July 1, 2015 so maybe we’ll see you back again in 2016.
For those of you looking to become Google Certified Innovators, applications are now open through January 11, 2016 with the first Innovator Academy to be held at the Mountain View, CA Googleplex in February. Apply here.

Increasing Accessibility and Literacy Scores with Read&Write for Google Chrome

Millions of students across the US and beyond are using cloud-based tools such as Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in the classroom and at home. Because this software is hosted “in the cloud”, students can access it on almost any device or platform, anywhere.

While the popularity of GAFE continues to grow, it is important to ensure that struggling learners, such as those with learning disabilities or English Language Learners, continue to have access to the supports they need to succeed.

The team at Texthelp have developed Read&Write for Google Chrome, which assists students using GAFE by making the web and files in Google Drive accessible. The friendly, intuitive toolbar is used (and loved) by millions of students and teachers worldwide.

One school who saw the benefits that Read&Write for Google Chrome could bring to their students, is Winnacunnet High School. By implementing Read&Write, this high school has increased students’ ability to collaborate and increased their independence.

Continue reading.

Learner Agency and PBL at HPSS

Empowering learners and teachers is not an easy thing to do. It helps if you have models of practice. In this first of a series of Evidence Based Practice Videos, the team at Hapara examines how the educators and learners at Hobsonville Point Secondary School in the northern suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand are building a culture of empowerment and creativity.

Watch video

Upcoming Events

We are excited to announce the dates for some of our 2016 events (more to be added) featuring Google for Education in the US, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa in partnership with the Google for Education team and International Schools worlwide. Now is the perfect time to be making plans to take advantage of our early bird pricing and group discounts. Visit today!
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Global Summits Partners

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Google is a Model for Student Privacy and Security

January 1, 2016 a new law in New Hampshire (NH-HB520) will take affect concerning student online personal information.  This is great news for all of us concerned about the distribution and sale of student information.   Unfortunately, there are 'agencies' who are misinforming school administrators about this legislation in regards to using Google Apps for Education.

I have had a few colleagues contact me asking if they 'have to' discontinue their use Google Apps for Education.   ABSOLUTELY NOT!  

Fact #1:  NH-HB520 does not reference Google Apps for Education AT ALL.  See the final version and use CTRL+F to search for the word Google.  It is not there.

Fact #2:  The law prohibits the 'operator' (aka provider of services) to use, sell, or disclose student information and generating targeted advertisements.  Google Apps for Education is the poster child for privacy and security.  Google Apps for Education has very strict policies governing the use of student information. See below and refer to for complete information. 
"We don’t sell your Google Apps for Education data to third parties and we do not share personal information placed in our systems with third parties, except in the few exceptional circumstances described in your Google Apps agreement and our Privacy Policy, such as when you ask us to share it or when we are required to do so by law.
For full details, please refer to your Google Apps agreement and the "Information Sharing" section of our Privacy Policy." 
"There are no ads in Google Apps for Education services..."  In fact, K12 Google Apps for Education users do not see ads when they use Google Search and are signed into their Apps for Education accounts."
Fact #3:  Google has signed the Student Privacy Pledge which is endorsed by President Obama.  

There is a lot more to the law and a lot more to Google Privacy and Security disclosures so certainly one could psycho analyze every detail to see if they can find a flaw.  

However, the motives and credibility of anyone who intimates, that as a result of this new law, school districts should discontinue the use of Google Apps for Education should be questioned.   (I won't mention the strong presence of MS lobbyists in Concord...)

Google Apps for Education has had a tremendous impact on how students learn, communicate, collaborate and engage in their learning journey.   After working in technology in education for almost 20 years I can say that there is not one single product or solution that has had a more positive affect on student and teacher engagement, productivity, communication and information literacy than what Google Apps for Education has done.    There are literally hundreds of thousands of teachers online every day sharing and helping each other be innovative in their approaches to working with students and being 'better' because of it.

With over 40 million Google Apps for Education users world ~ wide (public schools, private schools, higher education) and countless states/government agencies converting to Google Apps because of 'security' reasons we should be skeptical of anyone who suggests our students shouldn't be using it.  

Friday, July 10, 2015

Chrome Accounts ~ Train your Peeps! Parents! Students!

Hi everyone

As usual, I am on the run but wanted to give a shout out to MULTIPLE CHROME ACCOUNTS!  It is an essential skill (managing multiple accounts) if you have more than one Google account.  However, many are still unaware how this works and are still logging into several Google accounts through one Chrome browser.  

There is NO EASY WAY to show a group of 50 beginner to seasoned Googlers how to sign into a separate Chrome account.  Why?  Well, so many are still signing into multiple 'gmail' accounts in a single Chrome account.  Sounds confusing?  It is.

Well, here is a quick tip.

1.  You want to sign into 'CHROME' for every gMail or Google account you have.
2.  Before you do that for the first time, make sure you are only signed into one account.

Quick check:

If you click on your avatar in the top right, and see only one account, that is GOOD.

If you click on the avatar and you are signed into two accounts, BAD.

If you checked and the result is BAD.  

Select each account and sign out.  Then close Chrome.

Open Chrome.

Then, on the right hand side click on the Menu and go to Settings.  Scroll down to Create Users.

At this point you can begin adding different users to Chrome.

If you need more help, visit: 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Split Names Add On for Google Sheets

I created this quick how to after I stumbled upon it searching for the function.  I know many of you would say... duh, the function is a no brainer but I seem to have trouble with recall of these things if I don't use them often enough.  This is an excellent add~on for Google Sheets if you need to split the text in columns (especially first name, last name) but not often enough to remember the function. :)