Monday, May 15, 2017

Admin Settings to Open Classroom to Outside your Domain

A quick post today, but really important one.  So often we hear of updates to GSuite Apps and just take it for granted they will work until we are in a setting that this 'new feature' doesn't work properly because our ADMIN had to do something in the admin panel to make it possible.  

When Google Classroom was announced as an open tool stakeholders went wild for a variety of reasons.  If you are one of those stakeholders you know why.  For example, I can now teacher an Adult Ed course for parents using Google Classroom and they can join with their gMail Accounts.

What many were excited about was the idea of going to conferences and workshops and being to have the entire audience seamlessly join your Classroom!  No more obstacle for teaching 'Google Classroom' outside your domain!  YAY!  In theory and reality this is GREAT and POSSIBLE!

It requires that the Admin Settings in Classroom be modified to do this.  I created a help video below, but in short you just need to sign into, go to Apps> GSuiteApps> Classroom> ManageDomainAccess and set it to 'any user.'  Any user means even if they just have a gMail consumer account they can join.

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