Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Technology Integrator/Instructional Specialists Job Descriptions

Looking to see what types of jobs schools have created to support the instructional/training side of technology. In some schools I see tremendous progress, in others I don't see that this as being as valued as it should be. Here are a couple job descriptions I recently found. I would appreciate any other descriptions added from your district or ones you know about.

  • Technology Training & Support Coordinator: Sets up technology workshops and training opportunities for staff, supervises the district's central Helpdesk and coordinates training and resources for district-wide initiatives that include technology.

  • Instructional Technology Coordinator: responsibilities include overseeing the K-8 technology curriculum, supervising the Instructional Technology coaching program, and coordinating the efforts of building-based Technology Leaders (liaisons) who support classroom teachers in their use of technology for instruction. He also works with the district's Curriculum Department to embed technology / 21st Century skills into curricular objectives.

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