Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am looking forward to the North of England Summit this spring where I will be presenting:

Google Apps Treasure Trove
Google Apps has so much to offer and 'even more.'  In this 'ignite' style session take a look at many of the 'treasures' Google has to offer and with resources that will allow to explore and utilize long after you leave.  Learn unique trick and tips for common core apps such as mail, forms, and search... and discover some treasures you never knew existed!   

One hour presentations go by so fast, I plan to highlight some of may favorite tips, tricks, features, and resources for using Google in Education and provide resources to help you put them to use when you get back home!

One of the reasons I am especially keen on this event is because I will get to connect with people I had the privilege of meeting and working with at the 1st European Google in Education Summit in Prague last October.  +Dan Taylor and his team are great and I look forward to connecting with +Mark Allen and hoping that Dan doesn't schedule my session at the same time he is presenting.  I am expecting two days of high impact, positive energy, learning and most of all, fun. 

Many educational conferences are paid for by school districts and organizations.  What is unique about the Google Summits, is that many of us traveling and attending these summits do it on our own tab and are willing to invest our own funds because it is such a worthwhile experience!  

Join us at the Halifax for the North of England Google in Education Summit!

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