Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gamification in Google Drive ISTE2014 on the Fly

Disclaimer:  These posts from ISTE2014 are done on the fly and therefore are subject to mechanical errors etc in an effort to get the information out in a timely manner!  

Philip Vinogradov hosts a session at the Google Booth about Gamification in Google Drive.

He starts students off with a GOAL to become the masters of their destiny.  Learners have to reach 80% to move on.  They progress through levels and they can COLLABORATE! Yes they can WORK TOGETHER.  In other words, ~ collaborating and sharing ideas is NOT cheating!  Hallelujah!

Philip calls his program 'QUEST'

Begin with an open ended Question you cannot 'Google.'  Provide the Mastery Targets (competencies).  They need to determine what they Understand and what they need to know.  They spend the most of their time Exploring and Experimenting and even have a 'Cheaters Guide' they can use as a resource (or they can do it their own way). They need to Synthesize by creating, designing, or interpreting.   Almost there, they face the challenge to Take the Test  (aka submit the project or take the test).  Don't forget to provide a reflection activity.

Students can also earn points for progressing through the test and badges for things like 'First Responder'.  Trade in badges and skill points to unlock a power to redirect their learning activities based on mastery of basic skills.

For more information See Philip's presentation but if you can, attend his Gamification Workshop (Tuesday B407 at 11:45am).  He has the knowledge, skills and ability to teach you how to use his brilliance in your pedagogy.

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