Friday, August 15, 2014

Google Classroom Update

To All the Google Apps Schools, Teachers & Administrators ~

Google announced that Classroom would be rolled out this week and many are chomping at the bit to have it fully enabled in their domain.  From my last check this morning, the majority of domains have not received the full roll out.  Be patient!  Many are confused because Classroom shows up in the admin panel and is turned on for everyone.  This doesn't mean that you have it full access yet.

If only the folks who signed up and received the BETA can created classes right now that means you have not received the full roll out yet.

Keep in mind that the announcement said they would begin roll out the week of August 11th.  There is no 'end date' to the roll out.  When the BETA was announced to roll out the first week of June it was almost the third week before I received BETA access.

If you have started school and want to get teachers ready, I suggest that you tell them to have a folder designated for each class with assignments they want to push out to students (even if it is a blank document).  What I have found is that the quickest way to get access to a document assignment that you assign through classroom is to attach a document to it and give the students each a copy to work on.  The minute they begin working on it teachers can access.

Classroom is also a great place to post forms.  So get your teachers creating pre and post assessment surveys that they can link in the classroom or quizzes.

There is loads of things that you can do while waiting for the full launch! :)


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