Saturday, September 27, 2014

Google Tools in the Bartlett School Week Extravaganza!

Last week I had the opportunity to work at the Josiah Bartlett Elementary School for 4 days. It was a hands on deck Google Apps for Education training for all grade levels K-8.  The agenda  included classroom integration, teacher and administration training, website development and more.   Each day was a small tornado of activity and I am just beginning to feel grounded and able to reflect on everything we did.  

I will highlight some of the Google Apps experiences we had but first I want to give a shout out to the Bernerhof Inn (, absolutely the nicest place I have stayed on my Google adventures and Margarita Grill (, most definitely the best flavored food I have eaten anywhere since I can remember.  If you are within driving distance and looking for a 'getaway', stay at the Bernerhof and eat at the Margarita Grill.  You cannot go wrong!

Josiah Bartlett Elementary School &
Town Library Under One Roof.  Brilliant!
The Josiah Bartlett Elementary School culture is everything I would have wanted for my own children (who unfortunately attended a less than adequate school in their formative years).  I found happiness and peace each day among all the students and staff.  The level of respect and contentment is phenomenal.  Learning happens naturally in a positive and supportive environment.  There is fun and laughter.  The administration is clearly supportive and encouraging.  I couldn't help but think how wonderful it must be to attend that school and work with such an amazing group of people.  

In four days, here are some of the great Googly things we did with the staff and students.  If you are looking for ideas for using Google with specific grade levels you might find something interesting here.
  • 8th Grade:  Google Sites for Mount Washington Hike ~ Site Template.  We were short on time with these kids but had enough time to have them create their own sites and start thinking about what their project focus would be.  They would be going on a hike up Mount Washington and are asked to compare/contrast the Mountain to the Valley and/or identify how skills, equipment and information could improve a wilderness trip. 
  • 7th Grade:  Lucid Press Designing Brochures on Web Evaluation & Greek Mythology
  • 6th Grade:  Google Sites for Trip to Ferry Beach ~ Site Template.  We had enough time working with these students to show them how to change the header and background images in the site and add images to their pages.  We also gave them a prompt to create a page and write what they are wondering about.  They are leaving on a three day 'science & nature trip' and they learned site development while prompting them to think about their future experience!  
  • 5th Grade:  Book Creator & Asus Transformer Tablets ~ 1 for every student in grade 5.  We used the Google Edu Device Setup App and the 'bump' technology to deploy the tablets for students.  Once that was in place we pushed out Google Slides, Sheets, Docs and Drive to the students and the Book Creator App.  The next day, students crafted the content of an 'About Me' story in Google Docs and then began developing their book using the Book Creator App.  This was a great way to get them acclimated with their new devices by engaging them in a topic they love most ~ themselves!  They are also conducting Biome research using Google Documents, Research Tool and the Easy Bib Add on.  Once this is complete they will create and publish their Biome Books to Google Books using the Book Creator App.
  • 4th Grade:  Google Classroom Writing Prompt ~ The teachers set up their classrooms in the morning and learned how to create a document and send it out to the students.  These teachers were generally 'new' to using Google documents in the first place.  Classroom is so easy they were using it with students in class that morning.  The students accessed the writing prompt and started working and we showed the teacher how to access all the documents through classroom and provide formative feedback throughout the class period.  Students were fired up about getting those comments in their documents and they were provoked to dig deeper or consider things they might not have otherwise.  I am always amazed at how powerful the comment tool is in Google Docs and could see that both the students and teachers were as equally impressed!  
  • 3rd Grade:  Google Classroom Writing Prompt ~ Like fourth grade, the 3rd grade teachers set up the writing prompt and pushed it out through Classroom.  Piece of cake!  When the students had to leave for UA and the teachers said they could leave their laptops in place as they would continue writing more when they returned a big 'yay' was heard in the room.  One student said that Google Docs makes writing fun!  I agree!
  • 1-2 Grade:  Google Draw of Coniferous and Deciduous Trees ~ This was their first time using Google at all and we were short on time so we created a Draw document and pushed it out to all of the students using Doctopus.  Then while they conducted their morning meeting, Jimi logged them in and opened their Drive so they would be ready to get started.  Draw is not like paint so they had to quickly learn some techniques to get what they needed on the paper without the flexibility of paintbrush for example.  They were just beginning a unit on trees so they started with the Coniferous tree.  We learned later that you could use the callout tool as a 'leaf' and with copy/paste they could make dozens of leaves and then place them around the page.  
  • Kindergarten:  Google Draw (Patterns) & Caterpillars.  We used a 'caterpillar' drawing that we used as a template and used 'circles' to create the caterpillar body and we asked the kindergarten students to use the 'fill' tool to create a color 'pattern' on the caterpillar.  Perfect setup for the curriculum topic and ability.  Again, we used Doctopus to push it out.  
With staff we further developed sites, calendars, use of Chrome and more.  

I am amazed at everyone's energy, openness and willingness to work together and try new things.  I'm in awe at what we all accomplished in four days.

Hat's off to the Josiah Bartlett Elementary School staff and students. You ARE the change we want to see in education and the world.

'Ms. M'

Monday, August 25, 2014

Classroom Notes & Tips for Getting Started....

Here are some quick 'tips' for managing and using Classroom. Please note that there will be changes in classroom in the future so some of the things you are noticing or wishing for are being worked on.  This post is based on classroom as of today, August 25, 2014! :)

Don't Delete the Classroom Group

Admins Beware ~ Do NOT delete the group in the admin panel for teachers.  Several have done this and it there is no easy fix.  You need this group so that teachers can create classrooms.

ReNaming a Class

Once you create a class in classroom it will create a Classroom folder in your Drive and a folder inside that with the name of your class.  Students will have the same setup.  If you 'rename' your class, it will not 'rename' the class folder in Drive (for now).

Using Forms

Yes you can post your 'Getting to Know You Survey's in Classroom.'  You may want to post it as a link in your About Page, this way when new students arrive you can refer them to that easily without them having to scroll down the Stream to find it.

Using the About Page

The About Page is a great place to post all your related course resources ~ Link to your website, add your syllabus, Getting to Know You Survey, portfolio or project site templates and more.  For the creative folks, if you have not already done so, consider creating a 'course trailer' and post to you Tube.  Then you can add that as well!  As of today you cannot sort or move around what you post on the About Page but I have found that you can create one post for Course Resources and add everything to that one post (as an 'option' for now).

Assigning to more than one Classroom 
If you have several classrooms set up for the same course (example Biology Period 1, Biology Period 4), you can assign to all of the classrooms at the same time.  Be sure to do this when you create the assignment as that option doesn't exist if you forget to do this and go into 'edit.'  (again, I see this changing).

Comment Stream ~ Icebreaker/prompt
Starting a new topic or unit?  Post a related YouTube video in the comment stream and post a question / prompt to get students thinking and provide some schema. 

Classroom as a Solution
Many seasoned Google for Education users are quick to note the 'flaws' in Classroom and 'want more.'  Just know that the feedback being provided is being monitored and you can expect 'upgrades' in the future.  

Classroom is an excellent workflow solution, especially for teachers that have had a difficult time managing sharing and accessing documents in Drive.  Please show them 

a.  How to set up Class
b.  How to 'push' a document out to each student.
c.  How to access those documents once students begin to work on them.
d.  How students submit them.
e.  How they grade and return the assignment.

Focus on getting a consistent use of Google Documents (show the research tool and easy bib add on for research projects).  

With classroom, the ease of assigning, providing formative assessment and feedback as well as a final grade is great!  

Also, consider placing all assignment instructions on the document you push out to students and tell them to simply delete the instructions as they no longer need them and build their document.  This way they work within only one document.  You can consider showing them page break (to move the directions to the last page) or revision history (to restore the directions if they need to review).

If you focus on what you CAN do with classroom you will have plenty to do with your students while those additional features are being developed!  

Here is a quick video I created that explains the newer features and demos the workflow in Classroom:  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Google Classroom Update

To All the Google Apps Schools, Teachers & Administrators ~

Google announced that Classroom would be rolled out this week and many are chomping at the bit to have it fully enabled in their domain.  From my last check this morning, the majority of domains have not received the full roll out.  Be patient!  Many are confused because Classroom shows up in the admin panel and is turned on for everyone.  This doesn't mean that you have it full access yet.

If only the folks who signed up and received the BETA can created classes right now that means you have not received the full roll out yet.

Keep in mind that the announcement said they would begin roll out the week of August 11th.  There is no 'end date' to the roll out.  When the BETA was announced to roll out the first week of June it was almost the third week before I received BETA access.

If you have started school and want to get teachers ready, I suggest that you tell them to have a folder designated for each class with assignments they want to push out to students (even if it is a blank document).  What I have found is that the quickest way to get access to a document assignment that you assign through classroom is to attach a document to it and give the students each a copy to work on.  The minute they begin working on it teachers can access.

Classroom is also a great place to post forms.  So get your teachers creating pre and post assessment surveys that they can link in the classroom or quizzes.

There is loads of things that you can do while waiting for the full launch! :)


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Registration July 3rd for Google Cloud Camp, (July 10th in E.Bridgewater, MA)

Cloud Camp featuring Google for Education

Thursday, July 10th, East Bridgewater High School, MA
Registration Closes July 3rd

Get a LIVE Demo of Google Classroom!

If your school has 'gone Google' this one day event is an excellent 
training opportunity for your admin and teachers of all levels.

Participants can expect to leave with an arsenal of ideas and inspiration for taking Google Apps in their classroom.

Expect a full day of sessions focused on educational application of Google Tools presented by Certified Teachers and Trainers.  A wide variety of topics include  Mail, Calendar, Sites, Forms and Drive as well as extended apps such as Chrome, Blogger, Administration & Deployment & School Community Strategies, Alternative Learning, Maps, Scripts and more. Try out Chromebooks and Nexus Tables/Google Play for Education and maybe even win a Chromebook while you are there!

Whether you are new to Google or a seasoned Googler looking to further your pursuit in the cloud, plan to 'get going' or 'level up!'   

Great line up of sessions and presenters as well as registration information can be found here:

Want to host your own Cloud Camp, Summit or other Event?  

Questions?  Contact

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gamification in Google Drive ISTE2014 on the Fly

Disclaimer:  These posts from ISTE2014 are done on the fly and therefore are subject to mechanical errors etc in an effort to get the information out in a timely manner!  

Philip Vinogradov hosts a session at the Google Booth about Gamification in Google Drive.

He starts students off with a GOAL to become the masters of their destiny.  Learners have to reach 80% to move on.  They progress through levels and they can COLLABORATE! Yes they can WORK TOGETHER.  In other words, ~ collaborating and sharing ideas is NOT cheating!  Hallelujah!

Philip calls his program 'QUEST'

Begin with an open ended Question you cannot 'Google.'  Provide the Mastery Targets (competencies).  They need to determine what they Understand and what they need to know.  They spend the most of their time Exploring and Experimenting and even have a 'Cheaters Guide' they can use as a resource (or they can do it their own way). They need to Synthesize by creating, designing, or interpreting.   Almost there, they face the challenge to Take the Test  (aka submit the project or take the test).  Don't forget to provide a reflection activity.

Students can also earn points for progressing through the test and badges for things like 'First Responder'.  Trade in badges and skill points to unlock a power to redirect their learning activities based on mastery of basic skills.

For more information See Philip's presentation but if you can, attend his Gamification Workshop (Tuesday B407 at 11:45am).  He has the knowledge, skills and ability to teach you how to use his brilliance in your pedagogy.

Student Learning Networks ISTE 2014 ~ How can we remove the barriers & help them build.

This topic intrigues me.  how are students able to create connections and build their own learning networks?  My first thought is that a very small percentage of young learners build learning networks.  Our schools traditionally block social networking and any such platforms that create and open/flat classroom.

By becoming networked and participating in the 'networking' process,' people can further develop their ideas and become energized by sharing (give and take) with others without boundaries.  The world of ideas is so much broader and richer than a town, school, state or even country of ideas.

Kristin Ziemke just showed a video of working with her very young students using Edmodo as a back-channel for discussion and it this is a perfect example of how technology can be seamlessly used for learning to empower and engage learners by making it personal and giving them their own space for inquiry, asking, answering and observing.

She posts an image on a page and asks for comments ~ What do you wonder, what do you notice?  She shows them how to engage and interact in a forum (digital citizenship) and as a result she sees students are 'talking' to each other more deeply about the content and are asking eachother the critical questions!  They write more, they think more.  Well played, Kristing Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris!

Google Classroom As Presented by Google ISTE2014 ~ A Post on the Fly

Disclaimer:  These posts from ISTE2014 are done on the fly and therefore are subject to mechanical errors etc in an effort to get the information out in a timely manner!  

Jennifer Holland Presents Google Classroom
Jennifer Holland, product manager for Google Classroom showcases Google Classroom at ISTE2014.  The most exciting news of all is that they are promising it will be delivered to Google Apps Edu domains in August!

Creating a classroom takes less than 30 seconds and adding students about the same.

Key concepts/ideas about Classroom:
  • Embed YouTube videos for flipping or as a topic starter.  
  • When creating an assignment you can push out a document, presentation, etc or simply require the end product that they can submit.  
  • You can give students view only or edit by all OR make a copy for each student which names the document with the assignment name and their name!
  • You can assign one assignment to multiple sections.
  • The submitted product could be any file they can upload from their computer, a link to the web (Glog, YouTube Video, etc), or a Drive file.  
  • Teachers can see how many have turned in by logging into the assignment details page.
  • When a student turns in the assignment officially, they become 'viewers' of the document.
  • Teacher can add comments, apply a score and return to the student so the student can resubmit the document.  
  • When students 'turn in' they can add a private note to their teacher.  
What classroom means to me.

Anyone who knows me professionally and personally knows that I am passionate about how Google Edu has given the finest opportunity to improve the quality of education in multiphenomenal ways.    I have been using Bjorn Behrendt's gClass folders and Andrew Stillman's Doctopus to make the process of managing workflow in drive easier!

With Classroom, there will be a plug and play tool, added to your Google Apps Domain that will also make it easier to use the sharing tools in drive and communicate with your students.  You will be able to provide more effective and timely feedback ~ aka formative assessment.  

When I use Google tools (especially Docs, Sheets, and Slides), my students get more timely and higher quality feedback sometimes in real time.  With this in place my goal is that student work will be over 90% accurate by the time they submit for grading.  This makes the learning more engaging and fulfilling.  The process moves more quickly so there are fewer time gaps to draw you students away from the topic!  

Jennifer just described a teacher who differentiated by creating 26+ classrooms for her same grade level class (by proficiency) so she could push out different activities based on where students were at in math, language arts, etc.  #brilliant

Allison Mollica,

ISTE 2014 Hangouts 101

I started this day at ISTE with Kyle Pace and Erin Klein to learn how they use Google Hangouts to engage students.  They started with the important things you need to know about 'Hangouts:'

  • You need to enable your Google Plus profile in order to use them
  • In Apps for Education the admin needs to turn on G+.
  • Hangouts are integrated with Mail & Calendar as well.
  • Saves time and improves the quality of communication.
  • Android Phones/Devices come with the Hangout Apps.  
  • Download the app for IOS devices.

Did you know that hangouts have ~ 

  • Screensharing & Screencasting!
  • Drive Sharing ~ Brings collaborating in a document to a new dimension.
  • Chat feature inside the hangout (great for posting links to participants).
  • Integrate YouTube Videos
  • Whiteboarding (app in the hangout Toolbox)

Using Hangouts on Air

  • Flip your classroom, record your screencasts and lessons!
  • Record podcasts (leave your video off and you have podcasting tool!)

Practical uses for the classroom:

  • Start viewing (even joining) virtual field trips via ''
  • Open a hangout for 'after school office hours' and invite your students to join
  • Virtual teachers use hangouts for help sessions and discussion based assessments.
Erin gives an example of how excited her students were to meet Maria Dismondy by inviting her to an impromptu hangout.  She was able to talk with them about becoming an author and give them a glimpse into 'realizing a dream!'

If you need to provide support for math students, the Scoot & Doodle add on is great because you can write and solve equations on the whiteboard.  

Another suggestion ~ Join the G+ Mystery Hangout Community and get you students involved through your own G+ account (classroom to classroom so younger students can get in on the fun).  
I suggest using Hangouts and other Google Tools to be proactive about 'peer bullying.'  Bullying escalates when students reach middle school age and many districts have K5 students in different schools and then funnel them into one middle school.  Start using hangouts beginning in kindergarten to bring your districts grade levels together and build a 'one classroom community' and get the connected via hangouts, Google Drive and other real collaboration tools to work on curriculum, create and celebrate together.  
You can find Erin and Kyle's presentation here:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Google Edu Treasure Trove 'Cloud Camps' Now offered through Apps Events

Google Apps are a treasure trove of opportunity. Google Mail, Drive, and Sites are just the tip of the iceberg in Google Apps for Education.   There are so many undiscovered uses and applications that are available through that one Google account.  

This past year while working with AppsEvents and facilitating sessions at Google for Education Summits, I have developed a 'curriculum' called 'Treasure Trove of Google Tools for Schools."

The focus is on 'application' for each of these gems so you can 'level up' even if you are just a beginner or add another tip/use to your toolbox if you are already 'cruising.'

Thanks to all the feedback and support I am very proud to announce that I have partnered with AppsEvents to deliver this training world~wide in the form of a Cloud Camp.  If you are interested in hosting a Cloud Camp please contact AppsEvents and they will handle all the arrangements with you so I can focus on delivering a successful training / workshop for you.

treasure trove chest of google toolsWe proudly offer a deeper look into the existing tools with our popular ‘TreasureTrove of Google Tools for Schools’ sessions. The Treasure Trove is a series of sessions staged at our summits and developed by AppsEvents core team member Allison Mollica. These lessons keep the beginner in mind while providing those ready to ‘level’ up with unique uses and tips for using Google apps in the classroom, organization, for productivity or collaboration. 
We are offering these sessions both as summit sessions, and as a stand alone  one-two day Cloud  Camp for schools who are interested  in a more intense, focused training of Google Apps for their staff.
If you are in the New England area, please join me in Greenwich, Connecticut in June if you are for the Connecticut Google for Education Summit

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Google Certification Programs Updated and Open for Business

Many people ask me about Google 'Certifications' ~ the difference between all of them, what it takes to become either a Trainer, Teacher, or Other?    Recently, Google reopened the Google Trainer Application and modified the test taking requirements.  Additionally, several 'Teacher Academies' are planned for this year with an open application now through May 14th for Atlanta and Mountain View.  So what's the difference and what should you know?

First, if you need to learn the Google Apps, start at the EDU Training Site  Here you can learn about the Google Tools and find many resources.  If you are already familiar and are thinking about becoming Google 'certified' then you'll want to visit the  Certification Page to access everything you need for become a Google Educator, Google in Education Trainer, and/or Google Certified Teacher.

Below I will provide key details about each 'certification.'

Google Educator (everyone starts here*) ~ Level 1 & 2 courses & pass 5 exams.

  • You will need to create an exam account here ~
  • Each exam is $15.00
  • You will need to pass 5 exams (Mail, Drive, Calendar, Sites and 1 Other of Choice).
  • Passing is 80% or higher
  • The 5 exams must be completed within a 90 day period in order to receive your Google Educator Certificate/Status.
  • Each exam is 60 Questions/90 Minutes.
*Note:  Becoming a Google Educator prior to applying to Teacher Academy is recommended but not a requirement.  

Google Education Trainer or Google Certified Teacher?  Both?
The application for Google Certified Teacher and Trainer are different as well as the process and requirements after becoming 'certified.'  

Google Education Trainers generally teach beyond the scope of their school.  As a Google Education Trainer you are required to conduct at least three trainings (and report them to Google) per quarter.  As a Google Education Trainer you are listed in the 'directory' so it is likely that organizations will reach out to you for possible training opportunities.  Google Education Trainers are also required to renew the Google Educator Certificate every 18 months to maintain 'Trainer' status.

Many Google Certified Teachers conduct training on a regular basis and renew their Google Educator Certificate every 18 months but neither are required as a GCT.  

Some Google Education Trainers also become Google Certified Teachers and vice versa. 

Application for Teacher Academy
The application for Teacher Academy is not as involved as the Trainer application.  You will need a updated resume in Google Drive and a 1 minute video uploaded to YouTube and shared via URL in the application.    There are questions about your Twitter, blog/site(s), Google Plus accounts as well as a few short answer questions.  You can find the Spring 2014 application here.  Highlights of the teacher application:
  • Updated Resume
  • 1 Minute Video 
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Links to your site(s), blog(s), social media

Application for Trainer
There is a lot of prep that goes into this application as it is a bigger commitment and designation from Google Education.  First, they are looking for people who already have a track record of teaching Google tools to schools.  Therefore, the application prep may take time as you build your training experience.  While doing that you'll want to be planning or documenting your case study. There are countless things that can be a 'case study' for the application and they will want you to include your training resources, planning, implementation and evaluation as well.   The case study requirements can be found here.  You will also need a 2 minute video showcasing your training skills (a screencast on a Google tool).  Those are the biggest areas of the application process for Google Education Trainer.  Trainer application checklist (there is more to the application, but these are the highlights):
  • Google Educator Status (pass 5 exams)
  • Case Study with training resources
  • 2 Minute Video (screencast)
  • Record of training (published resources)
  • Resume
  • 3 References from those you have trained
  • Links to your site(s), blog(s), social media, etc.
  • Professional organizations you belong to
"Do I have to attend a Bootcamp or Training to become a trainer?"
No.  You can build your skills and application on your own and there is no official academy or training requirement to become a Google Education Trainer?  The 'GET' Bootcamps are a great way to learn the course material and share with other inspired educators.  In addition, you really get a jump start on the application process and leave with an arsenal of information and ideas to share with others.  

"Can I /Should I attend a GET Bootcamp or Training if I am not sure about becoming a trainer?"  
Yes!  Absolutely.  You will leave empowered and chock full of new Google Knowledge and certainly be better prepared for the exams.  

Where can I attend a GET Bootcamp or Training?
Apps Events has several scheduled in June ~ Colchester, Vermont, , Kortrijk, Belgiu, Bentincklaan, Rotterdam and Greenwich Connecticut (there are more).  Go to for a full list of events.

Tilton School, NH is hosting a Google Admin Certification Bootcamp and Google in Education Bootcamp on August 20th (also a two day Google in Education Conference on the 18th & 19th with on campus housing option).  I worked with Tim Maki on this event last year and it was truly amazing ~ the program and facilities are top notch.  See the T4IE site for all the details.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Google Apps for Education is Free But Don't Sell it That Way

Schools that 'go Google Apps' often use  'free' as the selling point to persuade their administrators or constituents.  It is true that organizations are saving thousands to millions of dollars moving their local infrastructure to the cloud (the same way companies did back in the early 1900's with power when the power companies came along).  They do it for many reasons just like companies did for power ~ it is economical, reliable, scalable, efficient, etc...

Just remember, that with Google Apps for Education you are getting a sophisticated collaboration and sharing network, access to dozens (hundreds actually) of applications using 1 account, 1 login, 1 password.  Instantly, barriers and challenges are removed for teachers, tech integrators, tech administrators and students.  Everybody wins.

Chrome Apps allow you to 'add on' almost any tool you
need and most of the time the tool is FREE.  Stop
buying and installing local software and take advantage of
the 'Software in the Cloud'
Google Apps for Education removes barriers to using technology in learning environments whether they are virtual or physical.  There is a unique network of educators, organizations and students globally that learn and share together in the GAFE environment.  Nothing has flattened the classroom more than Google Apps for Education.  That is why it is so widely popular.  It is not about a piece of software or an application.  It is about people, transformation... a cultural shift.

So, don't sell it as free.  That would be discounting the product.  You will also find yourself at a disadvantage when you want your administration to approve an add on such as Vault for archiving,  Synergyse for seamless training,  Spanning for backup or Hapara Teacher Dashboard for workflow and feedback in the classroom ~ all great add ons for GAFE!  

GAFE is a premiere solution for every educational organization not because it is FREE because it is brilliant.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Using HOA in You Tube for Instant Broadcast

Often folks think that HOA are used only G+ but really you can create, broadcast and edit all within your YouTube account!  Just go to 'upload' and you'll find the link to create a HOA.  Instructions are included on how to verify your YouTube account (must be done in order to broadcast HOA.  I'll model a HOA in this video as well.  It is really easy and with a little practice you can post many tutorials and tips for your students to access throughout your course.  This is an excellent tool for blended learning, flipped classrooms and virtual teachers!  Have fun creating your own Hangout on Air!  :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google Forms for Beginner Tutorial (video series) (new version 2013) (playlist)

Google Forms for Beginner (new version 2013) (playlist)

Gmail Signature Lesson for Students

Students can learn/practice communication via email.  In this quick video geared to students, they will create a signature and send an email to their teacher.  If the teacher creates a filter for 'signature'  to skip the inbox and go to the label then it is easy to read/assess and archive.