Friday, July 10, 2015

Chrome Accounts ~ Train your Peeps! Parents! Students!

Hi everyone

As usual, I am on the run but wanted to give a shout out to MULTIPLE CHROME ACCOUNTS!  It is an essential skill (managing multiple accounts) if you have more than one Google account.  However, many are still unaware how this works and are still logging into several Google accounts through one Chrome browser.  

There is NO EASY WAY to show a group of 50 beginner to seasoned Googlers how to sign into a separate Chrome account.  Why?  Well, so many are still signing into multiple 'gmail' accounts in a single Chrome account.  Sounds confusing?  It is.

Well, here is a quick tip.

1.  You want to sign into 'CHROME' for every gMail or Google account you have.
2.  Before you do that for the first time, make sure you are only signed into one account.

Quick check:

If you click on your avatar in the top right, and see only one account, that is GOOD.

If you click on the avatar and you are signed into two accounts, BAD.

If you checked and the result is BAD.  

Select each account and sign out.  Then close Chrome.

Open Chrome.

Then, on the right hand side click on the Menu and go to Settings.  Scroll down to Create Users.

At this point you can begin adding different users to Chrome.

If you need more help, visit: 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Split Names Add On for Google Sheets

I created this quick how to after I stumbled upon it searching for the function.  I know many of you would say... duh, the function is a no brainer but I seem to have trouble with recall of these things if I don't use them often enough.  This is an excellent add~on for Google Sheets if you need to split the text in columns (especially first name, last name) but not often enough to remember the function. :)