Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dr. Helen Barrett's EPortfolio Academy Online

You can pay for a faciliated course and credit or participate for FREE independently/selfpaced. This begins the first week of January. Below is information provided by Dr. Helen Barrett:

The course content of the first course of the E-Portfolio Academy is online as both a self-paced and facilitated course:
Introduction to E-Portfolios in K-12 Schools

The facilitated course is open for registration through Paypal or school purchase order:
(Send me an email for the mailing address to send a school purchase order for group registrations... or attach PDF version to email.)

The content of the two versions of the class is the same. There are three differences between the self-paced and facilitated classes:
1. The facilitated class has a cohort of students who go through the content together and carry on a facilitated asynchronous discussion.
2. I will be directly involved in the private discussions and will lead the cohort through the content, including live events.
3. The self-paced class is free; there is a charge for the facilitated class.

The discussion schedule will be provided only to members of the facilitated class through the Edmodo group. The discussion will be asynchronous, so there are no specific times to be online, but I will be scheduling some Google+ hangouts which will be synchronous (live), but not during the first couple of weeks.

The course interaction will be facilitated through an Edmodo group (private educational social network), Google+ Hangouts, and email group. Be sure to sign up for Google + and an Edmodo (teacher) account. Right after the New Year, I will also send invitations for the private groups to all registrants. The first facilitated course cohort will begin between January 2 and January 16. The next cohort is scheduled to begin in early April.

There are also supplemental courses:

  • Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Google Apps
    Specific focus will be on the use of GoogleApps for Education. This course is for teachers who have already decided to adopt GoogleApps for Education. The content of this course includes the content of the Introduction course, with additional in-depth focus on using GoogleDocs, Google Sites, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Digication, Teacher Dashboard.
  • Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Mobile Devices
    Specific focus of this module will be on the use of iOS or Android Mobile Devices.

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