Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ISTE 2012 Day 2

Highlight Session Today

Growing Digital: Grassroots Google Integration for Staff and Students
Peter and Kristal started the session using a Google Form to collect information about the audience - role, Google level, etc.  Really great!    Here is a link to their Skyline site - https://sites.google.com/site/skylinecpi/

This presentation speaks to the "grassroots" initiative not a top down deployment.  

They shared a nice video that tells the story of curriculum and portfolio - of how they began creating online portfolios.  The deployment of portfolios has driven the use of GAFE in the district.    They reinforce the idea that using Google for portfolio allows teachers to leverage the use of Google Apps in their classes.  Students create their own portfolio pages/subportfolios for many class projects.  More and more teachers ask students to make a site for project work or competencies of the course, etc. 

Teachers have put Curriculum in Google Sites which helps facilitate the process of "modeling."  This also makes it so easy to share curriculum resources! 

Students learn how to create a portfolio in five easy steps.   Step 1.  Log in, Step 2. Create a Site Step 3. Create a Doc Step 4 Create a Link  Step 5 Post to the Site

Teacher tips!
#1 - Have student submit a form with their site address and email.
#2 - Teach them to share "anyone with the link" and then put the link in a form.  Google sites are shared anyone with the link.

We need to help students learn how to organize all their online world - with Student Learning Networks.

Use sites as a base for the Student Learning Network - teach them how to organize themselves by putting their schedule on a page, the bell schedule on a page, embed feeds from their Twitter, Facebook, Evernote.  Create a Page for each course - the portfolio becomes a cog in the students learning network rather than independent of it.  So English 9, 10, 11, 12 are sectioned on the same page with a link to syllabus and competency assignments.  The portfolio is actually a useful document that they use all the time as a Student Learning Network.  Teachers tell the kids to create docs and pages that are part of their LN - they join flicker groups, embed you tube channels, etc. 

  • Make a template with your twitter feed and homework calendar embedded in it and have the kid make a page.
  • Evernote has a widget so you can take notes in evernote within the widget in your google site.
  • Project page - can include resources - such a RSS feeds etc.    pasque@aaps.k12.mi.usStudent
  • Portfolio - Use as a table of contents to the artifacts - with links rather than creating pages and embedding! :)  Good idea! 
Yes, of course I missed the EdTech Team presentation - which was full by the time I got there!!!  But here is a link to the presentation... http://www.edtechteam.com/iste12

OK, I'm in at the end.  People - set up a YouTube Channel with your Google Apps Account!  Add short videos to your playlist! 

YouTube for Teachers - www.youtube.com/teachers


9:30 Google
10:00 Google
Global, Creative, and Entrepreneurial: Defining High Quality Education [Concurrent Session; Keynote]
Location: SDCC Hall B1

Quick and Easy Search Tips
Chromebooks for Education
Dispelling Myths about Google Apps for Education [Concurrent Session; Lecture]
Location: SDCC Technology Infrastructure Pavilion (Hall D)
Henry Thiele, Maine Township High School District 207 

1:30 Google
Google to the Max: 2012 Power Users Guide [Concurrent Session; Spotlight]
Location: SDCC Ballroom 20CD Howie DiBlasi
Web Apps Slam (repeat)

3:00 Google
Growing Digital: Grassroots Google Integration for Staff and Students [Concurrent Session; Lecture]
Location: SDCC 4 Peter Pasque, Ann Arbor Skyline High School with Kristal JaaskelainenRolling out Google Apps
Google Certified Teachers Share: What's New from Google for Educators? [Concurrent Session; Panel]
Location: SDCC 8
Mark Wagner, EdTechTeam, Inc. 
Chromebook Classrooms [Concurrent Session; Birds-of-a-Feather]
Location: SDCC 30CD
Donna Teuber, Richland School District 2 with Pam Hanfland, Jason Markey, Jon McGreevy, MaryAnn Sansonetti-Wood, Janine Sears and Dan Sitter

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