Thursday, February 21, 2013

gClass Folders Version 2 Updated Directions

Use this quick link to gClass Folders v2 - (click on the link and make a copy of the spreadsheet)

What are gClass Folders?
gClass folders is just a name of a 'template' that will let you easily set up for your class & students folders in Google Drive. By populating a spreadsheet with your student information with a simple 'click' you can produce this:

Example of gClass Folders -English w/ multi-period; and Social Studies - one block

Class Edit ~ These will be files that are editable by everyone in the classExample: Group assignments 
Class View ~ These will be files that are only viewable by everyone in the classExample: Syllabus, worksheet templates 
Teacher ~ This is a folder used by gClassHub to store files that integrate with the applications. This is only viewable by the TeacherExample: Doctopus 
Assignment Folders ~ This is only between the teacher and the particular student.Example: Student work

Directions for Setting up your gClass Folders
Get Your Spreadsheet
  1. Make a copy of gClassFolders and create a new document.

Populate your Spreadsheet
  1. Enter the information pertaining to your class(es). 
Set up the Script
  1. Click the gClassFolders menu>Select 'Initial Settings' 
  2. In the Red Authorization Box, click OK to authorize. 
  3. Click 'Close' on Authorization Status. 
  4. Click on the gClass Folder Menu>'Initial Settings' again to modify your settings 
  5. Rename Assignment Folders to Dropboxes and Assignment Folder to Dropbox (see image to right). 
Sort your Sheet
  1. Click on gClass Folders menu 
  2. Select Sort Sheet 
Create Folders
  1. Click on gClass Folders 
  2. Select Create gClass Folders and Shares 
If you are the teacher who has created the folders, you should now see the class folders in your Drive
Student Instructions
  1. Students should go to their "Drive" 
  2. Create a Folder for their class 
  3. Click "Shared With Me" 
  4. Drag the Class Edit, Class View, and their class dropbox to the folder they just created in Drive.
Formative Assessment can be provided through the use of comments within the page. Teachers and students can choose to be notified via email when new comments are added and view them as a stream within the document itself.


Anonymous said...
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Rich said...

I loved the idea of this, but then I checked it out and I was quite disappointed. When I am grading assignments in drive I want to be able to open up students' assignments as quickly as possible. If I have to open up each student''s folder and I have 95 government students as I do now then this simply isn'tworth it. I wish my student's assignments could automatically go in one class folder, but then every student would have editing rights on each student's assignment...