Monday, June 27, 2011

Take aways & Quotes from Day One, Sunday 6/26

Moving into day two, I can't stop thinking about how exciting it is to hear so much research being shared about the brain. There is a lot of focus on student centered learning, Universal Design for Learning and most importantly - that each learner learns in their own unique way!

Based on my experience in educational technology, this is the reason technology is such a vital part of the learning process. Not only are we providing skills students will need or need now, but we are now capable of giving students choice in how they "receive" and how they "demonstrate" learning. We are able to work in harmony with their digital brains.

The president of ISTE said in her introduction last evening, "Many teachers teach the way they were taught...we need to change that..." I believe in many classrooms across America, we have. But we still have a long way to go. "We need to tap into the interests of students..."

In regards to how do we get there, she points out that in her experience the Professional Development Coach has been the most valuable - providing just in time job training. This could be a technology facilitator, technology integrator - someone who works with teachers to help them develop their expertise...

"Great success comes in schools with strong leader groups whose vision and passion make it happen...creating student environments to unlock their potential and thrive in a complex and ever changing world."

Per Dr. John Medina, "Every brain is wired differently from every other brain and learns in ways unique to that wiring..." How's that for a teaching challenge! :0)

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