Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 4 ISTE Conference 2011

8:30am Morning began with Helen Barrett, using Google sites as portfolios.

Helen Barrett, Electronic

Helen is all about creating a comprehensive student-centered system supporting all three levels of ePortfolio development with Google Apps.

She suggest that students/teachers - create/collaborate/store/share artifacts in Google Docs, use blogging for reflection and feedback and presentation websites with Google Sites.

Helen is the GURU of eportfolio and she say after all these years, Google Apps for Edu is the best for the digital portfolio "process..."

Highlights of Helen's presentation (quoted directly from Helen...)

Developmental levels of ePortfolio development:
Level 1. portfolio as storage (collection of artifacts)
Level 2. portfolio as workspace (collection plus reflection/metacognition, organized chronologically)
Level 3. portfolio as showcase (selection, summative reflection and presentation, organized thematically--by outcomes/goals/standards)

GoogleApps can be used at different levels:
Level 1. GoogleDocs & Picasa for storage
Level 2. Blogger for reflection and feedback (formative assessment) (or Google Sites Announcements Page type) - I like this option!
Level 3. Google Sites for showcase/summative assessment

Primary URL resource for Helen's Presentation:

Coming soon!!!! Hapara Teacher’s Dashboard is a set of extensions for Google Apps that makes the digital classroom environment safer, easier to set up and easier to use for students, parents and teachers, and easier to manage for school administrators. More info on this and more at:

9:30 - Student Showcases and Posters

About Blogging:
"Although blogging in schools is still in its infancy, anecdotal evidence suggests that students' interest in, and quantity of, writing increases when their work is published online and -- perhaps even more importantly -- when it is subject to reader comments." Web article:

10:15 - Exhibit HAll

There are so many interactive white boards and devices it is simply overwhelming. ... also loads of online curriculum. What do yo choose, how do you determine whether or not you are missing the boat? You just need to know these things exist and as time goes by and needs to develop, maybe the exposure will help you make those connections to help find a good match in your school. I don't know... It is almost CRAZY! All I know is that I BETTER WIN SOMETHING! Like a trip to ISTE next year... that would work! :)

11:00 - Technology Robotics Playground... We have got to get a fundraiser going for this robot.

11:45 Google AppS

G21 - 21st Century Learning ... Tech Times Live Podcast... search for Googchland in Itunes...

Google's mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Overview of Google Offerings - Google Maps, Squared...blah - I utilized the time, listening but updating the resources here. Snooze - run over to another session...

GO HERE! 60 Web 2.0 Tools in 60 Minutes:

1:45 - 2:45:
Creating Student Projects on the iPad
Very good BYOL... Story robe is a great app, make a digit story instantly. This is exactly what will work great for ell - but they need the new ipod touch to make it happen and then they are all set! They could take pictures of things around the school and at home - things for common english practice and then create and share stories...


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