Monday, July 4, 2011

Haiku Webinar on July 4th

Haiku is a Learning Management System that integrates with the Google Apps for Edu domain. The users in your domain automatically are available in Haiku when you register for the product. You can get a free trial at: http://www.haikulear

It is a very easy interface to use with many options. You can change the layouts of your pages and move items around by drag and drop. You can embed text, google docs, files, powerpoints, web embed code - insert glogs, youtube videos, surveys, etc... in seconds so it is very easy to get rich content into your pages.

Haiku makes it very easy to apply Universal Design for Learning principles (learn more about UDL)

Transfer content to other classes - you can easily make a content area in one class and then move it or copy it to another one of your courses. You can share a page or the entire class... you can literally tweet it, facebook it, etc...when you send them the link it the person clicks on it and it will prompt them to login to Haiku and then they will be able to pull the content into their own class as long as they have Haiku. Crazy good.

There is a portfolio is a very simple interface that works the same way that the course building works. Schools can create a template to give to students to start with. Students can share a portfolio by sending a link to their portfolio - that won't require an account. You can also EXPORT the portfolio as an entire html file. It is no longer editable but it gives you a copy.

More to follow...

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