Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Google Apps for Edu Prague Summit October 2012

Looking forward to presenting at the Google Apps for Education European Summit in Prague - October 2012.

Learn, Create, Share - Portfolios with Google Sites for K12

In this session participants will see how Google sites can be used with students in a K-12 environment in two ways - as comprehensive academic portfolios that showcase student achievement over time and as project portfolios where students create a variety of projects using Google Apps and other Web 2.0 tools and build a portfolio in Google Sites to showcase their "constructed knowledge." The idea is to Learn, Create and Share. This can be applied to younger and older students - if you are interested in using Google Sites for portfolios and need to create a plan with a vision, the information shared here will help you.

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to hear your sessions at the summit Allison!