Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NH Goes Google Week - Day 2 Google Boot Camp Manchester

What a fantastic day for Google Camping.  The NH Google Bootcamp at Manchester (UNHM) ...was made possible through the NH Digital Resources Consortium (thank you Stan Freeda,  SAU #53, Mary Rubega, Helene Bickford, Mary Rubega et. al) in partnership with EdCITES (thank you Jen Lowton), UNH - Manchester Campus, (thank you Ginger Lever) and the EdTechTeam (thank you Mark Wagner, Alice Barr, Kern Kelley).  A lot of preparation and collaboration went into making an experience like this happen!  #nhdrc #gafe

Please check out these upcoming Google Apps for Edu Events going on this summer!  Don't stop here - expand your knowledge, collaboration and expertise!  Hope to see you at one of these!

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